• Commissioners

    You are dealing with racial ideologues. Ignore them.

    More specifically, you have run afoul of a new breed of theatrical activist who want to determine what artists can or cannot do…based on the artist’s race. These people think black artists should be reviewed by black critics and call that progress. They are ideologues of social justice and they do not believe in bedrock liberal principles. They are actively against freedom of expression, freedom of association, and they are collectivists who loathe the concept of individuality. They quite literally judge everyone on sight by race, gender, and sexuality.

    They are vindictive authoritarians, censors and bullies. They are quite happy to accuse you of being a racist, a race traitor, as having unconscious, unprovable racism, and want to impose top down race and gender based quotas, language restrictions, and compelled speech.

    I’m a liberal. These people are not, and they are winning. And everyone is afraid to say it.

    If this comment is removed, I’d like to know why. Everything I’ve said is based entirely on these activists behavior. It’s not a secret, people are scared by these activists.