• Nadine Gomes

    Diep Tran’s article “Unmuffling a Culture of Silence” (12/6/2017) was a truly important and long-overdue piece of journalism and gave voice to many men and women who have suffered sexual abuse and misconduct in the theatre. I am very disappointed that American Theatre Magazine is now backing down from this extremely important issue. Your apology for not publishing victims’ stories is woefully insufficient and deeply discouraging. Clearly you feel that your publication’s future would be threatened if you moved forward with this story, and if that fact doesn’t underline the power imbalance in this industry, I don’t know what does! Do better for actors, production staff, and the theatre community as a whole. Shame on you.

  • Jantique Fielding

    You are lily-livered cowards pandering for financial gain to those who hold your purse-strings! Funding is more important than Truth! If you didn’t have the guts and moral integrity to publish the story yourselves, why didn’t you give it to someone who could, such as NYT or WaPo? Hell, even the damn NY Post would have done better!