• eric_blair

    ” I was cautious to slap a big racism label on the whole enterprise (save for one admittedly premature tweet). ”

    Uh, what?

  • Will_I_Tell

    I’m very glad for this call for nuance, but if this casting change scuttled the show, I’m afraid it is too late, and I know for sure that if you continue to call for moderation, you’ll be targeted as well.

  • UnderMindControl

    SJW psychos are wrecking society, when over 100 lose their jobs, cast, crew, theater staff, security, maintence, ushers, box office, concessions, merch… including many people who are gay, trangendered, straight, hispanic, african American, Asain, white and everyone else(diverse theater, diverse staff and show) maybe, the mentally ill SJW will be rightfully ignored . We dont take advice from the mentally ill, our lives should not be destroyed economically because of mentally ill tweets, by very sick , brainwashed, crackpots. Thanks for possibly destroying over 100 peoples livelyhoood, psychos

    • anonanon

      Your definition of mentally ill is quite lax.

  • anonanon

    Ouch, that “admittedly premature tweet” was just painful. That one certainly made the rounds after Dave Malloy so pointedly responded.

    This is a disappointing case of cannibalization. In the end, I really don’t think just the one paragraph highlighting how progressive this show was with respect to race, gender, etc., is enough. It seems like that is just an afterthought to so many writers. People complain so much about the producers, and one can definitely say that they made mistakes, but they did so much right that it’s almost infuriating how this went down and how awful people were in that 24 hour fever dream. Rafael Casal’s tweets were particularly inflammatory and ignorant WRT Great Comet and I don’t think he’s really responded in a satisfactory manner.

  • Jim Longo

    Excellent analysis. I’ll add that, these days, words and terms seem to mean what the speaker wants them to mean, rather than what they actually do. A distant relative of mine complained when her favorite sitcom got cancelled that it was a “freedom of speech” issue, because the lead actor was a conservative. A former friend accused me of racism when I quoted Richard Dawkins in saying that if the 80s South African government had framed apartheid as a religious issue, “half of the opposition would have respectfully tiptoed away.”

    The bottom line is that America is a society of adolescents, capable only in thinking in extremes and incapable of seeing any kind of gray area (individual results may vary, of course).

  • colette

    Bravo, Diep! I totally agree. We used to call it “knee jerking.” Now it’s more like “thumb jerking”……