• martin woyzeck

    Was my comment deleted?
    Do you not accept diversity of opinion?

  • martin woyzeck

    So tired of this whining. No wonder this writer wasn’t accepted back. It’s such b.s..
    Techniques like Meisner, Hagen,etc. are good acting techniques.
    You think they’re chosen as training because they’re white??? Are you kidding?
    And who teaches American dialects except for those wanting to do movies in Hollywood, which is generally American accents.
    Black acting techniques? What is that? I don’t see any ‘white’ acting techniques.
    The training mentioned Hagen,, Strasberg, Chekhov,etc. wasn’t teaching ‘white’ techniques, they were teaching good acting.Period.
    And where have you seen performances in today’s world doing a character in blackface?
    Yes, we did that 60, 70 yrs ago. Please tell me where you see that now.
    You are all losing people by going overboard with all this stuff.
    This the reality. It’s handsome or pretty white actors/actresses that get the good parts.
    That means white short, or overweight, or average looking don’t get parts either, or if they do it’s always the comic relief, or supporting parts.
    It’s not just Black or Asian, or Hispanic not getting roles.
    So if you start talking about all people that are getting discriminated against, which includes white people who may not be good looking, or tall,etc. then maybe I’ll listen.
    All I hear is whiners these days.
    I also hate double standards. You can’t have it both ways.
    If white actors can’t play Othello, why should it be all right for Black actors to play Hamlet, or Macbeth.
    Personally, I think it’s fine, not saying they shouldn’t, I just don’t care for the double standards these days.
    I like the Wayan Bros, and thought they did a funny movie called ‘coupla white chicks’, where as undercover cops they played white valley girls. It was funny.
    But I did think that if that was two white comedians going undercover in a story, playing Black guys/gals, there would be an uproar.
    You can’t have it both ways.
    Have so much more to say to this article that had my eyes rolling in frustration, but I’ll leave it at this.

    • Kevin-Alan Daniels

      Yeah, this article definitely went over your head. I’ll leave at that.

  • gwangung

    Let’s not forget the Consortium of Asian American Theaters and Arts (CAATA) as well…plenty of help there for Asian Pacific Islanders….