• Brad Burgess

    I wasn’t expecting to like this article, and am pleasantly surprised that it’s so good.

    I’m definitely one of the privileged poor, and I’m glad I’ve had folks school me on this for a while.

    I’m working with an organization with outreach to communities in the city that this article would serve…but who I doubt would ever get such an article from an online theatre mag.

    Would you Leah and would American Theatre be interested in starting an orientation program for such folks, say at NYCHA public housing projects?

    I’m often able to help the graduating students that wrote me through The Living Theatre’s website…most are white…most are women..

    I would be willing to help organize such a program aimed at high schoolers that never considered the arts, or think they are stuffy elite things on bway only…so that kids have direct access to some of us willing to be connectors and career coaches and industry advisors/orienteers to this community in the city itself.

    Then maybe after figuring out a model that works, partnering with other orgs in other cities and states to do the same.