• Commissioners

    No. It’s fiction. It didn’t happen.

  • Patrick Lee

    Thomas Jefferson might have had a sexual relationship with Sally Hemings, but it cannot be proven. He might not have, but that can’t be proven either.
    There is no proof that Jefferson fathered any of Hemings’ children. There is assumption, coincidence and great amounts of political correctness … but no proof. The DNA testing in the late 1990s narrowed the paternity of one of Hemings’ children to a circle of about two dozen males, of whom Thomas Jefferson was one. That’s as close as you can get, the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Pulitzer Prize winning historians, and Thomas Bradshaw’s play notwithstanding.
    Publicly, Jefferson never responded to the Hemings allegations, first made public in 1802. However, in his private correspondence, he denied them on a several of occasions. His final denial came just weeks before his death in 1826.
    I recommend to you “The Jefferson-Hemings Controveresy, Report of the Scholars Commission,” edited by Robert F. Turner, ©2001, 2011. At 400 pages, it’s a bit daunting. Not daunting at all is the 21-page “Summary of the Jefferson-Hemings Controversy,” ©2016.

  • cuz2Jefferson

    Wow… everyone seems upset they were taking Liberty in this story to show it as a romantic relationship. But, if truth be known, they are taking some liberties to even say that Thomas Jefferson had an affair with Sally Hemings because there is not enough proof because one child with DNA is not prove considering his brother Randolph was there the month she conceived and nine months later when she had the baby, he came back. My dad, who was cousin to TJ, was asked to give DNA for this. (Jefferson had no male heirs) Do you know how many Jefferson cousins, nephews, a brother, came through Monticello? Instead, people have taken it upon themselves to ruin Thomas Jefferson’s reputation when there could never be proof beyond a shadow of doubt. Only one child showed Jefferson DNA, it could have been 22 other Jefferson men who came to Monticello, more than likely his brother who came back nine months later and on that day Thomas Jefferson wrote his Brother’s will for him….hmm sounds like something you do when you have a new child.

  • Thank you Diep and
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