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    Lea Salonga is Asian, not Asian-American.

  • behindthescenes

    Kristen Anderson Lopez is many wonderful things, but she isn’t a writer of color–she just happens to be married to someone who is Asian American. However, her show is explicitly seeking a multiracial cast.

  • ren_man

    when will commercial theatre catch up to academic theatre?

    Huh? you ask.

    Diversity in casting — meaning they can sign it, dance it, act — has been the norm in academics for, oh, like, uh, since that first school play.

    Interesting that commercial theatre gets all in a kerfuffle, all a twitter, of “will they accept that….” when legions of schools have proved time and again:
    yes, they will.
    yes, they will get the story, not matter how mixed the casting.
    yes, the bigger problem will be moms fighting for the front row to get a picture of “my baby!!!!”(please ushers my sure my mom is about 10 or more rows back. SIT DOWN MOM!)
    yes, modern technology is the PITTS! heavens people, put down your phones and buy the official commemorative DVD and support the theatre program that is starved for funds (donations gladly accepted)

    Rather than all the focus on “diversity” how about we simply focus on the STORY and choose the best thespians to tell it.*

    *with of course the realization that a FEW certain roles must be of a certain race, ethnicity, gender, age.